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B-Line Small 002 by Hive Modular

When co-tain thinks about firms who have really set the standard of modular construction HIVE comes to mind first. The team at HIVE: Marc Asmus,Bryan Meyer, and Paul Stankey really understand how to combine efficiency, sustainability, and quality. Each residence has been originally design with consumer input to fully achieve a efficient product consumers want. An important factor behind why modular construction is gaining popularity is the quality control and transparency through trades which help a client achieve a residence without the stress involved. This is achievable because HIVE works with the clients from initial evaluation, financing, permitting, and through the construction process.  The firm produces several different lines the project I have chosen to highlight is HIVE’s B-line Small 002 because of its seemingly modest size. The project is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota with 2 bed/2 bath in 1367 square feet of finished living space.  The project is bathed throughout in natural light and is MN GreenStar certified which is a Minnesota based rating similar to LEED. The home boast many sustainable features which include locally sourced FSC certified wood, no VOC paints, cast concrete counters, recycled steel, fibercement siding(contains 30% recycled material), rainwater collection(waters entire lawn and landscaping), and the basement slab and master bedroom utilize in-floor heating.  With modular construction site work and prefabrication of the modules can happen in tandem, so when the modules arrive on-site it takes about 3 hours for the home to be weather tight.  An additional two weeks is given for the contractor to mend where the modules meet but all in all its a pretty speedy process. The pricing for HIVE modular homes varies depending on the location of the project.  Since they work with several factories across the country to utilize efficiency, local labor rates vary according to the state. This project in particular came in at 185 dollars per square foot of finished space, I say finished because the home actually has a basement that adds another 1367 to the home but is finished at the owners discretion. Therefore the home could potentially have 2 extra bedrooms, a bathroom, and a rec room space which we feel is interesting to give a family a multipurpose space they can utilize as needs change. All and all HIVE has been producing great work and this is just another example. If you want to know more please check out their site!!


Photo:©Rhonda with HIVEmodular

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