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Group 8′s New Home


One of the best uses of shipping containers I have seen lay hidden in a re-purposed industrial hall near the center of Geneva, Switzerland. Helping form a new home for Group 8 architecture the containers make interesting use of the 8395 square foot facility which boast 29 foot high ceilings.

co tain group 8 dorm  03 Group 8s New Home

The containers formalize structured collective space embodying a collective form or a situation of their work: meeting rooms, cafeteria, lounge zone, bathrooms and showers, etc. “The other half of the scheme is in opposition with the containers’ structured zone: an open space enlightened by natural light travelling through the glass-roof.” All and all the project uses 16 recycled shipping containers in an amazing composition of object and function.

co tain group 8 dorm  05 Group 8s New Home


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