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Music Boxes by BDP








This amazing new container project is located in the Media City, Salford Quays, England for the Manchester International Festival. The project consist of 78 containers that are stacked up to three high arranged in a elliptical shape meant to resemble the geometry of sound.

2 Music Boxes by BDP

This is because the project is a melodic adventure for small children within this resonating container city. Each container is kitted out as a miniature performance space, specializing in recording, animation, and interactive studios. The installation allows the children to explore a fantasy world for sound and music. I find this as probably the most exciting and successful container project to date.  The firm BDP chose to leave the containers as they are rusted, bent, unmatched to celebrate the spirit of the shipping container.

5 Music Boxes by BDP

All in all creating a very affordable, sustainable project that most of all gives back to the young ones able to experience the exhibit. The space creating is fun, energetic, and inviting.  I have been wanting to do a project like this for quite some time now, great job guys.


Photo: © BDP

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