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New People Page: Featured Post



We mentioned a couple weeks ago that we would be adding a new section to the site and its now up and running.  We wanted to give our readers the chance to reach out to our extended network and utilize the wonderful resources we have here at So we created the People page and are opening up our servers for you guys to use. You will now be able to register to the People page and create your very own personal website free of charge. Our main goal is to reach out to Architecture and design students across the world and give you guys the chance to share your work with everyone. You guys spend hundreds if not thousands of hours weekly on something the majority of the world will never see. This is a chance for you guys to create a website and share your passion with the rest of us.  All you have to do is hit the log in button at the bottom of the People page select register initiate your new website, log-in, create, and start posting.  Once your up and running your post will be syndicated everyday to the People main page and once a month student work will be chosen as a featured post on the homepage of   Dont be shy post anything and everything, we want to see your process, your thoughts, your crazy moments in studio, your sketch models, your midterms, finals, and that  portfolio everyone is working toward.  Don’t hesitate register today and share the news with a friend, the People page has just begun and the more students use the site, the greater I can make the experience become. Below are two examples of what your website could look like.



co tain exampletwo New People Page: Featured Post


co tain exampleone New People Page: Featured Post

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