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Postgreen Homes designs 100k House

Last year a Philidelphia residence caught my interest and  a lot of media attention along the way. The 1,200 square-foot home designed by Postgreen is a sustainable yet affordable home. The projects goal was to incorporate style, sustainability, and affordability for under a 100$ a square-foot and they did just that and more. Shooting to attain a LEED-silver home they finished with a LEED-platinum residence. The home includes many sustainable features some included are solar thermal hot water, radiant in floor heating, prefabricated walls, no VOC finishes, and Ivy green wall. The residence is a testiment that if you can manage smaller living arangments then affordability doesnt have to be forfeited for sustainability. We look forward to more projects from Postgreen in the near future.

Pictures:(c) Sam Oberter Photography and Postgreen


  1. Great blog and thanks for the post. It’s always nice to see people focusing on more affordable architecture these days. Just one clarification. The house was a bit smaller than stated above. It had an 18′ x 36′ footprint, bringing the total square footage to about 1,200 SF after taking out the two small double height spaces in the design. Keep up the great work and thanks again for the mention!

    • lancer /

      Hello Chad,

      Thank you for the correction- it has been changed. Its an honor to have you comment on the site!


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